Mechanical & Electrical Features

                   1. HVAC SYSTEM

Brand: YORK of Johnson Control
Origin: USA
Capacity: 200 RT x 3 Water Cooled Screw Chillers
Drive System: Variable Speed Drive (VSD) for energy saving with environment friendly refrigerant 134a.
Energy Saving: A Chiller is the highest power hungry machine in a commercial building can deliver Cooling load as low as 10% to 90% saving a huge amount of energy as per the demand of the system by using Variable Speed Drives
Microprocessor based 32 bit processor Direct Digital Controllers are used to provide precise control and monitoring of HVAC system.
All Pumps, Cooling Towers, AHUs, Ventilation fans are VSD Driven meant for efficient operation and saving energy
High Quality Indoor Air is maintained by special air filter known as medium filter as part of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) which is continuously monitored
There are Pre-set or adjustable VAV Diffusers for all locations for comfort cooling for individual areas
International Certification : AHRI, AHRI Standard 560/590


Fire Detection System:

Origin: Japan Description : Intelligent Addressable Fire Detection System with Smoke & Heat detectors with enunciator panel for pinpointing smoke or fire incident location. Thus enabling swift action either to extinguish or fight fire.
International Certification: UL Listed & FM approved

Fire Protection System:

Major Brands:
Fire Pump: Patterson
Jockey Pump : Patterson
Automatic Sprinkler : Tyco
Origin: USA
Capacity : 750 GPM ( FP ) + 30 GPM ( JP )

Automatic Sprinkler & Fire Hydrant system run by Diesel Fire Pump supported with Electric Jockey Pump.
Have a dedicated Fire Water Tank Capacity of 1,45,000 Litre
Stair Well Pressurization system for fire smoke protection for emergency evacuation so that people can exit unharmed without smoke inhalation through the stairs
Provision for City Fire Brigade Connection
Fire Rated Doors and Fire Barriers used so that in case of fire, Smoke cannot travel from one floor to the next
International Certification: UL Listed & FM approved

                   3. RAIN WATER HARVESTING

Application of rainwater harvesting in urban water system provides a substantial benefit for both water supply and wastewater subsystems by reducing the need for clean water in water distribution system as well as less generated storm water in sewer system.
This harvested rainwater is used in Cooling Tower makeup water of the Central Air-conditioning system and also taken into the system of water recycling system for other applications like Toilet Flush, Gardening etc. where substantial water and energy for pumping water are saved

                   4. FAUCETS & BATHROOM FIXTURES

All the Water Faucets are LEED Compliant making it measured water flow preventing any water wastage every time a faucet is used
All the Toilet Flush units (WC) are as well LEED Compliant to flush a measured quantity of water i.e 3.8 litre per flush thus saving water in each flush compared to conventional flush system.

                   5. PA SYSTEM

The building will have Background Music through PA System

                   6. SUB-STATION

Brand : Siemens
Origin : Germany
Transformer Capacity: 1600 KVA
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): This AVR will facilitate Stable Voltage Supply to the building thus this would save all the electrical equipment from any damage / malfunction from the supply voltage fluctuation
Bus Bar Trunking System (BBT): Bus bar trunking system has significant advantages over cable, such as improved electrical performance, Reliable of electricity distribution scheme, Speed installation and reduce time spent on installation, flexibility and transformability of the system, Various kinds of high degree of protection, Ease of maintenance and Energy savings in operation.
Due to overall energy saving management of this building a tenant can save upto 30% power compared to any other conventional buildings
International Certification / Standard: DIN, IEEE STD C57.02.01, EN 60076-11, UL Listed, CSA & TUV

                   7. DIESEL GENERATOR

Brand: Caterpillar
Origin: USA
Capacity : 725 KVA X 3 Nos , and 275 KVA X 1 Nos
Mains Backup : Full Power Backup
Description :
Auto Power Transfer
3 Nos of Generators Auto Synchronized
7-8 Hours continuous Duty Operation
Electronic Woodward Governor for better fuel economy.
The Diesel Generator Room is Acoustically Treated by World famous company “Mason Acoustics” for quiet operation
International Standard / Certification: CE, NEMA, ISO

                   8. STP, WWTP & WATER RE-CYCLING SYSTEM

We have 100% Waste Water Recycling plant thus conserving precious water
Sewage Treatment Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Water Re-cycling System are the integral part of a Green Building and we have fully utilized the systems to optimize the use of water.
In ST we continuously Re-cycle Waste Water & Rain Harvested Water to full utilization in Toilet Flush, Cooling Tower Make up water for Central Air Conditioning System and gardening. This way we save substantial amount of fresh water, energy to pump fresh water from underground / WASA.

                   9. DEEP TUBEWELL

We have 1000 feet Deep Tubewell which is pumping high quality water that is further treated in Water Treatment Plant (WTP) which frees from all the suspended solids and odor.

                   10. HOT WATER SYSTEM

We are using Solar Power to heat water for our efficient Water Heater for bathrooms and ablution round the year.

                   11. BMS

Brand: Honeywell
Origin: USA
The Operating Software is “Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator”
Microprocessor based controllers are True Standalone of Networked configurable features.
Multiple operator interface options.
Preserve the controller database for an unlimited period of time.
Integrated features: Tenant Billing, Web Access, Lighting Control, Security/CC TV/Fire Protection & Detection
The BMS System makes this Building Energy Efficient and Intelligent in so many ways
International Certification: UL Listed and BackNet Listed

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                   12. LIFTS

Brand: Mitsubishi
Origin: Thailand
No. of Lifts: 3 Passenger & 1 Service Lift
Speed: High Speed Lift 2.5 m/sec.
Interior Finish : Hairline Stainless Steel Wall Finish with a large Mirror and 3 side SS continuous handle
Safety Features: There are at least 20 safety features to protect and evacuate the passengers from the cabin
Capacity : 1150Kgs. (17 persons) For Passenger : 1275Kgs. (17 persons) For Service
Drive Control System : AC – Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) Control Gearless Drive System.
Operation : Three Car Group Control : Single Car Selective Collective Control System for Service Lift.
International Standards : Machine Room Less : EN 81-1 :Machine Room System :Mistsubishi Electric Standard

                   13. CENTRAL POTABLE WATER SYSTEM

We have High Quality Mineral Water grade Drinking Water from our own plant
This water serves all the floors directly to the Dispensers 24 x 7 non-stop both Hot & Cold.
Thus this eliminates the hassle of transporting and handling dozens of water jars floor to floor each day costing additional energy bill and time of the service lift.

                   14. PARKING FACILITY

We have highly Automated Parking with Paging facility
ST's Ramp, Driveway and Car Parking areas surface coating system, finished with Flowcrete's (Polyurethane) Decksheild ID and (Polyurethane) Flowfresh MF for M & E areas with attractive colored smooth & bright seamless high abrasion resistant finish having Green Label. Also these coating surfaces are Damp resistant and minimizes Noise.