General specification

Pre-certified platinum rated green building
2.7m floor false ceiling clear height.

Fully central Air conditioned building by “York” (USA)

- There is pre-set or Adjustable VAV diffuser for all location for comfort cooling for individual area.
- High quality indoor air.
- AHU (Air Handling Unit) and VAS (Variable Speed drive) for efficient operation and energy savings.

Full backup standby power supply system by “Caterpillar” generators (USA).

Computer controlled building management system by “Honeywell” (USA).

3 Basement car parking.

Fire protection and Detection system.

- FM 200 Fire suppression system
- Automatic Sprinkler & Fire hydrant system
- Stair well pressurization for fire smoking protection.
- World renowned Patterson (USA) jokey pump used.

Fully Acoustically Treated Generator room by “Mason Acoustic” Thailand, having no noise outside the building.

High speed elevators with 2.5 m/sec. elevator speed.

Our CCTV has video analytic System that sends SMS and Email notification of various threats in real time. This technology is used by US Army, Navy and National Security Intelligence.

100% Water recycling system thought STP & WWTP.

Rain and Strom water harvesting system.

High quality in-housing drinking water is produced through WTP and RO and Distributed to each Floor at the convenient dispensing points.

Intelligent Lighting Control system saving electrical energy thus saving cost.

“American Standard” brand toilet fittings.

“Siemens” Busbar system provides easy, convenient, reliable and durable power management system to all the distribution points.


Mat foundation of 1200mm thickness
BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology) was the full time consultant form the form the foundation to the finish of the Superstructure
The building has been build to withstand Earthquake as per BNBC code
Steel Reinforcement is used of BSRM best laocal brand
Cement brand is Scan Cement
Concrete used is high quality Ready Mix Concrete

Manufacture: Pittsburgh plate Galss(PPG) of USA
Curtain wall glasses has several attributes including aesthetic,right amount of day light, reducing power of consumption in lighting and aid in comfort cooling for human comfort
The Curtain Wall Glass can sustain wind loading up to 210 km/hr

This Building has a built-in Lightning Protection System protect against damages from High Voltage Thunder Lighting.
This Building has sophisticated Access Control System considering the general safety and security concern.
Rain water is utilized in the above systems to supplyment water consumption with due processing and also Rain Water collected in drain pits within the land perimeters is used for recharging ground Water and deep tubewell as part of the green Building concept
AHU (Air Handling Unit) as part of our central Air Conditioning System has a special Air Filter which provides Quality Air within the condition space that will be monitored time to time by a System Called IAQ (Indoor Air Quallity) measurement, An AHU is a means of handing chilled air for a large space for very efficient comfort cooling.
The Elevators are high speed elevators i,e 2.5 m/sec, there are 4 Elevators of which 3 for passengers and one for service
High Quality Drinking Water produced in house and distributed to each floor to through to Dispensars (both Hot & Cold ) to the comfort of the inmates in a most sterile condition
Ther is AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) of 11 KV for keeping the supply voltage stable at all time
Efficient Fire Alarm System is in place throughout the building for warning the occupants in case of Fire
There is Sprinkle System for fighting fire throughout the building
Fire barriers in each floor to prevent smoke getting to the upper floors so that smoke does not spread causing inhalation by occupants
Solar Power for efficient Hot Water System
High Quality Parking Management is in place
Electric Vehicle battery Charging System in place for future application
Typical Floor height is 3600 mm and ground floor height is 4200 mm
Ramp main entrance height to basement is 2900 mm